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Around the Roman de Fauvel

At the start of the 14th century, Gervais du Bus composed Le Roman de Fauvel, a long satirical poem picturing a virulent portrait of the society around him. A true pamphlet against all the orders of society destined to edify the king, this text is centered around the allegory of the horse Fauvel, whose name is constituted by the acronym of the vices that plague a troubled time marked by conflicts between spiritual and temporal powers: Flattery, Avarice, Vilenie, Variety, Envy and Cowardice.

As evidenced by the large number of manuscripts containing this work, Le Roman de Fauvel enjoyed considerable success. This is surely what explains the inclusion of numerous musical interpolations in one of the luxurious copies kept at the National Library of France. Combining earlier pieces and pieces probably composed for the occasion, in particular by Philippe de Vitry, this musical corpus provides a broad overview of the diversity and richness of music at the turn of the 14th century.


Texts and motets of Roman de Fauvel


Gaëlle Fourré - singing

Alexandre Jaques - organetto

Léonore Fourré - narrator

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