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Symphonia harmoniae celestiae

Hildegard von Bingen

A major figure in medieval Christianity, Hildegard von Bingen, a Benedictine woman from the 12th century, left an important mystical and medicinal work, but also musical, which makes her one of the first known composers.

Intended for the liturgy and the devotion of the nuns of her congregation, her musical works form a corpus called the Symphonia harmoniae celestium revelationum (Symphony of the harmony of heavenly revelations).


In this program, Retropolis Ensemble performs pieces of the Symphonia dedicated to the Trinity. In addition to an antiphon dedicated to the latter, songs evoking the Father, the Son and the Spirit are performed, as well as pieces praising divine attributes.




Pieces taken from the Symphonia harmoniae celestium revelationum : O vis eternitatis - Spiritus sanctus vivificans - O virtus Sapientie - O Magne Pater - O Pastor animarum - O ignee Spiritus - Karitas - O cruor sanguinis - O Eterne Deus - O quam mirabilis - Laus Trinitati


Gaëlle Fourré - voice

Alexandre Jaques - organetto

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