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Le Roman de Guillaume de Dole

Around Guillaume de Dole

At the beginning of the 13th century, Jean Renart composed The Novel of Guillaume de Dole, a long poem telling “a story of weapons and love”. Using a lively tone, the author builds his story around the adventures of the knight Guillaume de Dole and his sister Liénor, a remarkably active female character for the time, at the court of Emperor Conrad. The love story between the latter and Liénor will be disturbed by the perfidy of the emperor's seneschal.


The work has a particular importance in musical history since it is the first to integrate lyrical insertions within it, thus forming an anthology of songs from the beginning of the 13th century, a precious testimony to the musical taste of that era. This process would subsequently be emulated by several people: Gilbert de Montreuil (The Violette Romance, 13th century), Jakèmes (The Romance of the Châtelain de Coucy and the Lady of Fayel, 13th century), Gervais du Bus (Fauvel's novel, 14th century)...




Texts and songs of trouvères from Guillaume de Dole

Instrumental dances from the 13th century

Distribution :

Gaëlle Fourré - recitation, singing, flutes, psaltery

Angelo Chardonnet - recitation, flutes, percussion

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